NeoFuedalism Part2

Historians love precise words, so I have been talking about corporate oligarchy for years now, but something else has recently come to my attention. . We, as a country, have been sliding back into the Robber Baron Era for a very longtime, but recently, I have noticed a return to something earlier, more dangerous, and not native to this land at all.

I call it, “Neo-fuedalism”, and you will have to move your mind to Europe, and back to the time of Kings at the top of society, owning everything in the land. But, if his nobles fought to help him win every war–they could own, with his majesty’s permission, huge estates. Naturally, they had to pay in service and taxes for these rights, and since that cost money and effort, they, in turn, let their knights have control over some of their estates provided they paid by fighting in their army, and paying him taxes.

There were two exceptions to this…in the early Middle Ages, the Church was exempt from this system, but created their own paralleling it. And, at the bottom, were the serfs. These unlucky people were owned right along with the land. They had to fight in any war that came up, and since they were property, anything they gained in the fighting went to their Lord, who in turn paid a tax on it at each level right up to the King.

Now compare this to our current tax systems. We no longer have kings, but plenty of would be nobles have lined up to take credit for creating all of the wealth in the world, demanding to pay the lowest percentage of taxes. These have sometimes been referred to as the 10%. Then we have the knights—the owners of the big corporations earning less than the top 10% of all Americans. They don’t feel the need to pay taxes much either. And so it goes until we get to the serfs. Who are the new serfs? If you can’t afford to own your own home, eat healthy, well-balanced meals, use either private or public transportation, see the doctor or dentist, buy new clothing– you are skating very close to being a new serf. If you are homeless, sick, hungry every day, looking for work and not finding it–you are a new serf.

And how those at the top use our fears against us is, if you have a job that doesn’t quite pay enough, no savings, and your rent has just gone up, the would be nobles are there to point the finger at the homeless, and skating awfully close to being homeless, saying, “You work hard. Why should we pay taxes to keep those lazy people. Vote for my guy, and taxes will go down.” And you do, and those taxes go down for the 10%. Yours go up.

Sometime, you have to listen to your own voice—the one that says, “Hey, every time I vote for a Republican, my taxes go up, and there are fewer jobs.” Then, four years later, “Hey, every time I vote for a Democrat, my taxes go up, and there are fewer jobs.” So they say, “It’s a Two Party System. You have to vote for one or the other.” Do You???? If you vote in the primary, sometimes there are other parties, or even no party on the ballot. Read the Voter’s Guide, and choose someone you agree with who could be outside the Two Party System. And if your favorite happens to lose, keep voting for the ones you actually agree with. If everyone kept doing this, eventually we would have a choice that included candidates you actually agree with winning.

When the thirteen colonies defeated England, and George Washington officially accepted their surrender, the band played, “The world turned upside down.” It might be fun to play it the day we get rid of the Neo-fuedal system.

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