Seattle Councilman discusses challenges of finding homes for the homeless.

From The Voice November edition

Seattle Citycouncilman Mike O’Brien discusses
challenges of finding homes for the homeless
Mike O’Brien
wants to
tax large
companies in
order to raise
more funds for
the homeless.

By Nancy Gardner The Voice editor

Seattle City Councilmember Mike
O’Brien told Seattle Housing Authority
residents that Seattle’s homeless crisis has
escalated due to a lack of enough affordable
At the monthly SHA resident meeting
on Oct. 11, he said, “A person can’t live in
Seattle on $15 per hour or by making the
minimum wage. And ticketing, towing and
sweeps create more problems than they
He also said Seattle needs more places to
move the homeless before they get ‘swept’
out of their makeshift housing.
The 49-year-old native Seattleite said
housing was affordable 20 years ago, but
not anymore.
“Look around − we’re creating massive
amounts of wealth in our community but
that’s going to just a handful of people.”
To help raise revenue for affordable
housing, O’Brien has proposed a new tax
on businesses making more than $5 million,
called the Housing, Outreach, and
Mass-Entry Shelter (HOMES) proposal.
Councilmembers will vote on Nov. 20.

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