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Since a Native American, Deganaweda, created the first model of the US Constitution, we owe a lot to Native thinking about how to include people in government. The Great Peace was the Iroquois version of how to run a government. It included the right of women to vote, and to impeach a bad leader. Each tribe had a single representative, and the other representatives were apportioned by population. That should sound familiar.
Other tribes had easy divorce laws (for the times), women could own property, and it was simple to become a member of many tribes, while others made it difficult. Several tribes had joined together to make Kentucky a hunting preserve open only to those tribes part of the treaty.
The tribes were not perfect, and neither are we.
Despite the horrific history of taking land from every tribe in the way of, “Manifest Destiny”, most tribes signed treaties in good faith. Those treaties were to last as long as the water flowed and the grass grew. Needless to say, the part that said, “Or until we change our minds.” was written in invisible ink.
Today it is a struggle whether living on a Reservation, being an Urban Indian, member of a recognized tribe, or not. We in the Progressive Party will back up enforcing those treaties. We urge fair treatment of all Native people, including those from other nations, from Canada to Chile.
We support the efforts of Idle No More and Native Lives Matter, Native efforts to stop pollution and fossil fuel extraction on Native Lands, Sacred lands, and all pristine or endangered wild areas. Native hunting and fishing rights need to be supported. After all, their efforts to keep the wild food sources high were there from before others invaded, and continue to this day. We also commend the Native efforts to provide jobs not only for tribal members, but for other rural neighbors in need of work.

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