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This Weekend: Arm-In-Arm, Forward Together!

From the Backbone Campaign

Bckbone Campaign

All interested,
2017_earth_day_The_Guardian_use_of_Backbone_earth_day_photo_from_2015.jpeg*Join Backbone and friends as we skill-up and inspire the next wave of activists to rise up, resist, and protect what they love. *
/There are a host of awesome opportunities this weekend and Monday to raise the visibility of the issues that matter to us and skill-up for the societal transformation we need!/
Get the scoop and RSVP below!
March for Climate Justice w/ Backbone & Solutionary Rail Imagery
/Saturday, march for a life-sustaining biosphere. Amplify and animate the idea of Solutionary Rail/.
Wear the cool wind turbine backpacks, roll the ecotopia / solutionary rail train, or add some thunderous percussion. Many hands welcomed and needed.
Saturday April 29, 2017 at 9am – 11am Occidental Park 117 S Washington St Seattle, WA 98104
*RSVP – Click HERE *

We Demand Climate Justice w/ 350 Seattle Friends at an Art BuildSkill-up at the People’s Climate Action Summit!
*Check out the schedule HERE *
Join Backbone and the People’s Climate Movement at the half day summit of workshops and skill-shares. The summit builds our understanding of what it means to fight climate change from a perspective of justice and offers tools for taking action.
/Backbone will be offering a workshop on Solutionary Rail and 3 speed-dating type skill-shares on Making Visually Compelling Actions, Guerrilla Light Projection and Giant Banner Making, and Drumming for demonstrations. /
*Check out the full program with a host of amazing opportunities from our friends and collaborators at EarthDay2MayDay.org/summit *

Mobilize Solutionary Rail Imagery w/ Backbone & WSLC at the Seattle May Day MarchMobilize Solutionary Rail Imagery w/ Backbone & WSLC at the Seattle May Day March
Amplify and animate the idea of Solutionary Rail. Help us build the public presence for this visionary proposal.
*Backbone is proud to join our brothers and sisters of the Washington State Labor Council for the 18TH Annual May Day March for Workers & Immigrant Rights!*
/Meet-up at Noon at the Wisteria Park parking lot near the corner of 16th Ave S and S Main St./ (Just a short walk from Judkins park if you want to enjoy some of the rally first. Arrive no later than 12:30pm).
Monday May 1st, 2017 at Noon – 3pm Wisteria Park parking lot near the corner of 16th Ave S and S Main St. 1427 S Main St Seattle, WA 98144
*RSVP – Click HERE *
*Tuesday, May 2nd, join the conference call with fellow change-makers!*
/Find out about upcoming actions and mobilizations and learn how you can be a part of making these fun, creative, and principled protests sprout up! Get updates from solidarity squads, the Builder’s Guild, and more.
*RSVP HERE for Tuesday’s 5pm PST / 8pm EST conference call! */
*/Now, more than ever… Forward Together!
-Team Backbone Campaign
*PS: Don’t forget to APPLY for /Localize This!/ Action Camp July 25h-August 1st. Click HERE to let us know you’re interested and get all the info! *
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Corruption in Government

This video from Represent.us provides a good description of the current corrupt practices in the US government.


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Local Bills in Washington State

You can find information about all the the bills in the Washington State Legislature on the legislature’s website.

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Why is There a Progressive Party?

The Gilded Age (roughly 1880-1910) was  a time of great wealth in the hands of a few, and massive poverty holding down the many.

There were no laws protecting workers, including those aged 5-12. Factories expected all workers to put in a 14 to 16 1/2 hours a day, 6 1/2 days a week, Tenement rooms rented for $12 a month, while those being paid well earned $4 per week.

The Progressive Era was lead by people like Jane Addams and  Robert La Follette. Laws were finally passed to end child labor, control paid lobbyists, stand up for a living wage, and work against party bosses. They learned that combining with others such as, unions, immigrant groups, the NAACP, and journalists that change could happen.

The ride was bumpy. The official party was disbanded three times, but because the problems which our party was founded to address are back with us, once more we are ready to fight alongside unions, immigrants, Black Lives Matter and Native Lives Matter, Low-income and Homeless advocates and environmentalists. We have plenty to do. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

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Be a Citizen Lobbyist.

What is the difference between the usual Lobbyist and a Citizen Lobbyist?  A regular lobbyist usually is paid a lot of money to represent a group which wants special treatment from your lawmakers. A Citizen Lobbyist is someone who takes the time to talk directly with their own lawmakers.  You represent you!

Usual Lobbyist:

  • PAID!
  • Represents Clients
  • Major access to lawmakers

Citizen Lobbyist:

  • Unpaid
  • Represents their own interests
  • Lawmakers know each Citizen Lobbyist is a voter.

The Progressive Party is made up of Citizen Lobbyists. Join us in making sure our lawmakers know the issues we care about.



“I put my body and reputation on the line to stand up for my beliefs and do the right thing. I hope I’ve encouraged other people to do the same.”

Lucy Lawless


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Donald Trump owes the world an apology!

Donald Trump owes the whole world an an apology for his sexist, racist statements that slur major populations of the world, and DO NOT reflect the views of most Americans.

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