NeoFuedalism Part2

Historians love precise words, so I have been talking about corporate oligarchy for years now, but something else has recently come to my attention. . We, as a country, have been sliding back into the Robber Baron Era for a very longtime, but recently, I have noticed a return to something earlier, more dangerous, and not native to this land at all.

I call it, “Neo-fuedalism”, and you will have to move your mind to Europe, and back to the time of Kings at the top of society, owning everything in the land. But, if his nobles fought to help him win every war–they could own, with his majesty’s permission, huge estates. Naturally, they had to pay in service and taxes for these rights, and since that cost money and effort, they, in turn, let their knights have control over some of their estates provided they paid by fighting in their army, and paying him taxes.

There were two exceptions to this…in the early Middle Ages, the Church was exempt from this system, but created their own paralleling it. And, at the bottom, were the serfs. These unlucky people were owned right along with the land. They had to fight in any war that came up, and since they were property, anything they gained in the fighting went to their Lord, who in turn paid a tax on it at each level right up to the King.

Now compare this to our current tax systems. We no longer have kings, but plenty of would be nobles have lined up to take credit for creating all of the wealth in the world, demanding to pay the lowest percentage of taxes. These have sometimes been referred to as the 10%. Then we have the knights—the owners of the big corporations earning less than the top 10% of all Americans. They don’t feel the need to pay taxes much either. And so it goes until we get to the serfs. Who are the new serfs? If you can’t afford to own your own home, eat healthy, well-balanced meals, use either private or public transportation, see the doctor or dentist, buy new clothing– you are skating very close to being a new serf. If you are homeless, sick, hungry every day, looking for work and not finding it–you are a new serf.

And how those at the top use our fears against us is, if you have a job that doesn’t quite pay enough, no savings, and your rent has just gone up, the would be nobles are there to point the finger at the homeless, and skating awfully close to being homeless, saying, “You work hard. Why should we pay taxes to keep those lazy people. Vote for my guy, and taxes will go down.” And you do, and those taxes go down for the 10%. Yours go up.

Sometime, you have to listen to your own voice—the one that says, “Hey, every time I vote for a Republican, my taxes go up, and there are fewer jobs.” Then, four years later, “Hey, every time I vote for a Democrat, my taxes go up, and there are fewer jobs.” So they say, “It’s a Two Party System. You have to vote for one or the other.” Do You???? If you vote in the primary, sometimes there are other parties, or even no party on the ballot. Read the Voter’s Guide, and choose someone you agree with who could be outside the Two Party System. And if your favorite happens to lose, keep voting for the ones you actually agree with. If everyone kept doing this, eventually we would have a choice that included candidates you actually agree with winning.

When the thirteen colonies defeated England, and George Washington officially accepted their surrender, the band played, “The world turned upside down.” It might be fun to play it the day we get rid of the Neo-fuedal system.

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support the high earners tax!

Following is an overview of the issues relating to the proposal to enact a high earners tax in Seattle. This will undoubtedly be challenged in the courts but, in my opinion, is a much needed first step along the path to what hopefully will result in a more fair tax system. Many thanks to Seattle Councilmember Lisa Herbold for this information.
*—– Original Message —–* *From:* Herbold, Lisa <Lisa.Herbold@seattle.gov <mailto:Lisa.Herbold@seattle.gov>> *To:* Herbold, Lisa <Lisa.Herbold@seattle.gov <mailto:Lisa.Herbold@seattle.gov>> *Sent:* 4/28/2017 5:26:58 PM *Subject:* re: I support the high earners tax! ———————————————————————— Thank you for writing me about a potential city income tax, and issues of tax fairness. Seattle is a growing and prosperous city that should offer better schools and healthier communities, yet our City faces many urgent challenges, including a homelessness state of emergency, an affordable housing crisis, overcrowded classrooms, education equity and racial achievement gaps, inadequate provision of mental health services, and severe traffic congestion. Because there are real risks that the Trump administration will cut funding for Seattle priorities like housing and human services, education and transit, the _Trump-Proof Seattle Coalition_ of more than 40 different organizations has come together to fight back. They have been meeting with Councilmembers in every district to propose an income tax on high incomes. Residents have contacted my office in recent months in shock over the increase in their property taxes. It’s our tax structure that is responsible; Washington State’s is the _most regressive in the nation_ , with people earning $20,000 a year devoting two entire months of pay to their yearly tax bill, while the 1% pay their annual tax bill in only 6 days. We need a fairer tax system. Economist Dick Conway reports that across five different measures – fairness, transparency, adequacy, stability, and economic vitality – Washington State’s tax structure is the worst of all the states in the nation.
* Fairness – we have the most regressive system, meaning the tax burden is greatest on those with lower incomes (see above) * Transparency – we don’t know how much we pay in taxes because so much is buried in the sales tax. Transparency is a prerequisite for rational tax policy. Washington has the second least transpar­ent tax system in the nation. * Adequacy – our tax system doesn’t generate enough revenue to meet the public needs (e.g., education and transportation) of a growing economy – resulting in over-reliance on the property tax levies. * Stability – Washington has a highly unstable tax system due to its inadequate and volatile sales tax base, the ninth most unstable in the nation. * Economic Vitality – many economists believe that the best way to promote economic vitality is with high-quality education, good roads, and a safe and healthy environment. There is no evidence that having an income tax is an impediment to economic growth and there is a lot of evidence that the lack of an income tax has put our economy – not to mention our schools – in jeopardy.
On Monday, the Council will consider a resolution “expressing the City of Seattle’s intent to adopt a progressive income tax targeting high-income households.” The _resolution_ lays out a timeline and the elements of the legislation that need to be determined, including: what types of income can and will be taxed; the threshold above which income is taxed, and/or below which households are exempted from the tax; at what percentage(s) income is taxed; the use of the revenue so raised; and the administrative mechanisms to ensure the accurate and enforceable collection of income tax revenues. The resolution notes that legal viability will be the primary consideration in making these decisions. It further notes that “revenue from such a systemic change in taxation could be dedicated to lowering the property tax burden and the impact of other regressive taxes; replacing federal funding potentially lost through Trump budget cuts; and providing public services, including housing, education, and transit; creating green jobs and meeting carbon reduction goals.” The _Trump-Proof Seattle Coalition_ proposal is a 1.5% tax on adjusted gross income in excess of $250,000 per year. They estimate this could raise $125 million annually. On _Thursday, May 4__^th __they are coming to District 1 at_ South Seattle Community College, Olympic Hall. I’ll be there. Doors open at 5:30. Program begins Best, Lisa Herbold District 1 Councilmember, Chair Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development, and Arts Committee 206-684-8803 _lisa.herbold@seattle.gov_ <mailto:lisa.herbold@seattle.gov>
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From a Progressive Party Member

Tiny Homes: Seattle’s Latest Solution to Housing Homeless www.wsj.com Western U.S. cities like Seattle are combatting the homeless crisis with tiny homes. Kirei Mei Johnson, who just moved to one tiny home village, says the shelters …


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Corruption in Government

This video from Represent.us provides a good description of the current corrupt practices in the US government.


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Native Americans

Since a Native American, Deganaweda, created the first model of the US Constitution, we owe a lot to Native thinking about how to include people in government. The Great Peace was the Iroquois version of how to run a government. It included the right of women to vote, and to impeach a bad leader. Each tribe had a single representative, and the other representatives were apportioned by population. That should sound familiar.
Other tribes had easy divorce laws (for the times), women could own property, and it was simple to become a member of many tribes, while others made it difficult. Several tribes had joined together to make Kentucky a hunting preserve open only to those tribes part of the treaty.
The tribes were not perfect, and neither are we.
Despite the horrific history of taking land from every tribe in the way of, “Manifest Destiny”, most tribes signed treaties in good faith. Those treaties were to last as long as the water flowed and the grass grew. Needless to say, the part that said, “Or until we change our minds.” was written in invisible ink.
Today it is a struggle whether living on a Reservation, being an Urban Indian, member of a recognized tribe, or not. We in the Progressive Party will back up enforcing those treaties. We urge fair treatment of all Native people, including those from other nations, from Canada to Chile.
We support the efforts of Idle No More and Native Lives Matter, Native efforts to stop pollution and fossil fuel extraction on Native Lands, Sacred lands, and all pristine or endangered wild areas. Native hunting and fishing rights need to be supported. After all, their efforts to keep the wild food sources high were there from before others invaded, and continue to this day. We also commend the Native efforts to provide jobs not only for tribal members, but for other rural neighbors in need of work.

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Be a Citizen Lobbyist.

What is the difference between the usual Lobbyist and a Citizen Lobbyist?  A regular lobbyist usually is paid a lot of money to represent a group which wants special treatment from your lawmakers. A Citizen Lobbyist is someone who takes the time to talk directly with their own lawmakers.  You represent you!

Usual Lobbyist:

  • PAID!
  • Represents Clients
  • Major access to lawmakers

Citizen Lobbyist:

  • Unpaid
  • Represents their own interests
  • Lawmakers know each Citizen Lobbyist is a voter.

The Progressive Party is made up of Citizen Lobbyists. Join us in making sure our lawmakers know the issues we care about.



“I put my body and reputation on the line to stand up for my beliefs and do the right thing. I hope I’ve encouraged other people to do the same.”

Lucy Lawless


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Donald Trump owes the world an apology!

Donald Trump owes the whole world an an apology for his sexist, racist statements that slur major populations of the world, and DO NOT reflect the views of most Americans.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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