The Voice of the People should be
The Law of the Land

Thanks for visiting the Progressive Party of Washington. We strongly stand by the above statement! We encourage everyone to educate themselves about the issues and become involved to make the world a better place for all of us and all future generations.

Here’s some things that you can do to become involved:

  • Register and VOTE! (at the very least)
  • Educate Yourself!
  • Join your local community council
  • Contact local officials on issues of interest to you
  • Testify at hearings
  • Run for City Council
  • Encourage others to vote
  • Organize with others (like us) to work on change


Still reading?? Then you clearly want to become involved in creating a better future. JOIN us in creating that future, and at the very least keep educating yourself! Want to learn more about us? We look forward to hearing from you!