Linde Knighton, President (Chair)

Linde has run for office three times,  holds a BA in history from Boise State University, and also writes historical fiction.

Linde testified before State Legislative committees more than 25 times, had worked closely with Sisters Organize for Survival, a Tax reform group, and Third Party Coalition. In addition, Linde worked on several political campaigns, including for Deborah Senn.

Steve Balfour, Vice-President (Vice-Chair)

Is Vice-Chair of the party. He has worked on one political campaign, and helped with others. He has a gift for knowing where to put campaign signs. He was a professional skier, and now works for Bastyr College.

Judi Gibbs, Secretary

Judy is currently party Secretary, and has also acted as official treasuer, and general advisior.
​Judi has worked on several political campaigns. She has also testfied before the City Council of Seattle and the State legislature multiple times’