The Progressive Party of Washington Stands by the following principles
An ongoing work towards a hopeful future for all

A. Equality in well-being:

Basic economic rights for all: secure jobs at living wages; decent housing; adequate food and clothing; universal health care; quality education; a safe, clean environment; a progressive tax system; sustainable, safe food production based upon family farms and farm cooperatives; and protection from economic insecurity caused by old age, sickness, accident and unemployment.

B. Police Reform

An elected Citizens Review board, proper training especially in dealing with non-projectial weapons and unarmed protesters, and the means to remove bad police officers from the force.

C. Bill of Rights emphasis

The Patriot Act is in direct violation of the Bill of Rights. Local control over Federal laws in opposition to the Bill of Rights.

D. Equality in education

Includes 2 years of free post secondary education, also to include vocational programs. Teaching about the contributions of all the players in our history. Early language training, including Sign Language.

E. Children’s rights

A Bill of Rights for Washington’s Children, guaranteeing true equality of opportunity, providing equal education for all students, and achieving an adequate standard of health care, nutrition, housing, and safety.

F. Native American Rights

Recognize tribes at the state level, the state should support their efforts for federal recognition. Treaty Rights must be supported. Urban Indians should receive the support due them from treaties signed by their various tribes without having to travel long distances for basic health care. The free college education guaranteed them by the treaties should be offered at state supported schools. No interference with treaty rights

G. Respect for and enforcement of UN principles-Fair Trade

Such as buying fair trade coffee, chocolate for use in state offices, cafeterias. No treaties with other nations that undercut Fair Trade.

H. Women’s Rights

Full equality, including equal pay for equal work, the right to make medical decisions with her doctor–without state interference.

I. Fair domestic partnership laws:

If those dwelling in the same household want the right to make medical decisions together, pay taxes as domestic partners, or even to marry, as long as they are not first degree relatives–it is not up to the state to interfere. Those married, as well as single people, who are able to provide a safe and loving home should be able to adopt.

I. Election Reform/Campaign Finance Reform

Although we would prefer Proportional Representation, we are backing Instant Runoff Voting as a good first step. Clean elections laws need to be passed immediately, and Lobbying laws modified to stop unfair influences. We oppose the use of touchscreen voting machines without a paper ballot.

J. Ecology

Respect for and conservation of the earth and its living systems.

Pure food and drug. Stop the use of heavy metals and brain and nerve tissue from dead animals in fertilizer. Heavy fines for malicious spraying of neighbor’s organic fields.

Genetic labeling/right-to-know.Label Genetically-Modified foods.

Focus on alternate fuels and energy. Take the tax off biodiesel fuel and fuel alcohol until popularity makes the price go down. Encourage solar energy–including the manufacturing of solar panels.

Encourage small farms, small businesses.Lower the B&O tax by taxing profits, not money in. Allow for a “Green Belt” Tax exemption for working farms over 5 acres. Stop handouts as tax cuts to major corporations.

K. Economic Well-Being

A. Living Wage Amendment. Wages should equal three times the average monthly housing cost.

B. Livable housing for all at a price low income people, such as those on Social Security, can afford.

C. Expand Medicare to all ages.

D. Food for all -no one should starve to death in this great state. Food stamps should be increased for those with special food needs, such as diabetics and Celiacs

E. Tax Reform

1. Take tax breaks away from companies that outsource jobs, even to other states. Return the money to creating jobs in Washington, education and healthcare. Return tax rates for wealthy and corporations to what they were under Eisenhower.

2. Heavy taxes on extraction and polluting industries (includes logging)

3.Special Improvements taxes, such as adding utilites within a single developement, or creating mass transit districts.

G. Focus on Job Training and Creation in WashingtonCooperate with state higher education institutions, unions in training for jobs. Stop funding companies that outsource jobs. Tax breaks only for companies that will create jobs in Washington.

H. Labor Rights: Includes the right To join a union freely without fear of being fired or other retribution To strike without fear of losing one’s job